Digital Literacy Courses

Literacy – conceptually the ability to read and write is a term known to everyone around. We are well aware without literacy rather the ability to read and write struggle is inevitable. An illiterate person will struggle in his daily life, even reading a newspaper would be difficult, the rates of grocery and other items their content the date of manufacturing and expiry will be beyond his / her comprehension.

In the modern days not even the basic literacy stands sufficient if the person is not digitally literate. In no certain terms digital literacy is “the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share and create content using information technology and internet.” A person lacking these skills is near to an illiterate in the modern age governed by technology. Technology has penetrated in every sphere of our lives, from our kitchen to the offices we work in it has an impact and can make a difference to lives of people only if one knows how to make it an enabler of ease and convenience.

Given this we at M/s M A X I M A M not only make you aware about various aspects of technology and their impact in our day to day lives but also help you learn the basic skills of using the technology to garner maximum benefits out of it.

Apart from the basic literacy courses like ACC (Awareness Computer Course) to the little advanced ECC (Expert Computer Course) we offer a wide range of short term courses to improve and chisel your respective skill sets to compete in the modern day technologically very advanced world. These courses are customized according to the needs of the student and imparted by an experienced and expert faculty. It will not only boost your confidence in your respective organizations at the time of career progression/promotional matters but also improve your day to day efficiency of your respective business.



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